Richmond Raceway Infield Redevelopment

Jul - 13

Richmond Raceway Infield Redevelopment

As in 1987, when Alpine Construction Corp. began the construction that turned Richmond International Raceway’s ½ mile track into a ¾ mile track, Alpine Construction Corp. was part of Richmond Raceway Infield Redevelopment project in 2017.

Infield Site Work:

– Milled 72,292 square yards of asphalt to be reused under the proposed asphalt after lowering the infield.

– Excavated and haul off 27,340 cubic yards of dirt material

– Graded 9,176 square yards of building pads: Garage, Fire and Safety Building and Media Building.

– Installed 3,031 linear feet of roof Drains.

– Graded infield for asphalt pavement (51,483 square yards) and concrete pavement (24,461 square yards)

Tunnel Work:

– Demolished racetrack pavement, concrete barriers and fence.

– Demolished the existing pedestrian tunnel entrance and portion of existing tunnel.

– Excavated 3,026 cubic yards of dirt for new Pedestrian Tunnel Building and 5,750 cubic yards of dirt to prepare foundation for new tunnel.

– Install 412 linear feet o 10’x10’ Single Cell Precast Box Tunnel.

– Backfilled around New Pedestrian Tunnel and Tunnel Building with 11,500 tons of #10 stone aggregate